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AIPP Award 2014

Here are the images I entered into the 2014 AIPP QLD Professional Photography awards where I earned the title of AIPP QLD Student Photographer of the year!

During the award process your work is judged in front of 5 experienced professional photographers from around Australia. They then give your work a score between 50 - 100. Scores above 70 are considered professional practice. Score's above 80 go beyond professional practice into award standards with 4 categories - 80-84 Silver Award, 85-89 Silver Distinction, 90-94 Gold Award, 95-100 Gold Distinction. My images scored 77, 83 and 95!

My image that scored 95 (Gold Distinction) is directly below. Out of 837 prints that were entered between students and professional photographers only 6 Gold Distinctions were awarded over the two day competition. I couldn't believe it scored so high and it means even more to me as it is a self portrait of me and my border collie 'Peaches'. The shot was taken using a remote shutter after placing the camera on a tripod on the other side of the road. I had several days attempting getting this shot the way I wanted it with different locations/ weather and times of the day, not to mention the difficulty to getting Peaches to sit on the seat and look up at me while it was raining. Eventually we got there and this was the end result.

If you'd also like to view the images on the AIPP WEBSITE along with all other award winners just click the link. You can also view the images at a larger size in PORTRAITS.